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As a small business, we've been working with Esaja since it went live. It's been a great journey and we look forward to growing further with them. I came to know of Esaja. Merci beaucoup Esaja. We're the dedicated business marketplace matching you to trade opportunities across the rising continent of Africa.

Our mission is to connect businesses to buyers and suppliers across the region, ultimately unlocking opportunities that fuel economic prosperity and especially employment opportunities. Trade will take Africa forward.

Empire Textiles - West African Fabrics

Our directory is not a mere yellow pages but a virtual window allowing you to discover new opportunities and search for your needs. Our presence stretches across the region from South Africa to the farthest areas of Africa.

SMEs and Entrepreneurship. Find out how esaja works for African businesses.

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Esaja Premium. Esaja Marketing. Register Help. Get Quotations. Here's what our clients have to say: Limit X Clothing Zimbabwe. Here's what our clients have to say: Grupo Dela Cruz Mozambique. As Featured IN. Support Help Report an issue.AKN Fabrics. With flexible options to dress them up or down, you will be certain to feel fabulous in any of our African Print Fabrics. See these gorgeous prints and so much more at aknfabrics. AKNFabrics aknfabricsandtextiles africanfabrics africanprintfabrics africanclothing trendyfabric pattern print colourfull instore instagood instastyle instafashion style fashion africanprint afro SewingMaching handsewing embroidery sewing ilovesewing sewinglove sewingproject sew africanfashiontrends patterns See More See Less.

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africa textile apparatus dealers mail

Add to cart Hi Target African Prints. Add to cart Julius Holland Wax Prints. We also have an online ecommerce website www. We can deliver our West African fabrics worldwide. We have a retail store in downtown Manhattan NY and keep one of the largest stocks of West African and Nigerian inspired fabrics in the country and receive new designs daily.

Please visit at one of our 2 websites or come in to our location at Broadway, New York, NY Browse through our latest West African fabrics, textiles and voile lace products at amazingly low prices. Please contact us and we can discuss providing you a wholesale account for you orders. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience, and do not forget to sign up for our informative newsletters with specials and returning customer deals.

Lost Password? Create Account. No products in the cart. Sign In Register. AKN Fabrics 8 hours ago. AKN Fabrics 12 hours ago. AKN Fabrics 1 day ago. Current Top Seller Sale! Quick View.

Hi Target African Prints Sale! Julius Holland Wax Prints Sale! Mobile version: Disabled. Search Use the search box to find the product you are looking for. Be safe and well wishes to everyone impacted. Protected with SiteGuarding.COM is open and accepting online orders, but like most retailers, our shipping is slower than normal.

For the safety of our warehouse team, we are running at reduced capacity, but we hope to be back to normal shipping by early May. Sales are still working from home and excited to give you help or product advice. Our Retail Location is closed till further notice. Recent Posts. The vibrant colors, hand-made quality and unique artistic designs of African fabrics and textiles ha …. Take advantage of Best Lowest prices of the season for limited time only!!

Featured Bestselling New. Add to Cart. Quick view. Queen Silk Platinum wrapper with heavy Embroidery. This is premium quality Silk wrapper with lots of beads,pearls and diamond is made by exquisite hand work.

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Silk fabric Saree george with lots of stone. It has nice border. Gele 2 Yards Color: Royal Blue. Referred to as Feni or Amatiye in native tribal African language, this textile print is a staple of many tribes in southern Nigeria.

Featuring designs that display the culture and heritage of Gele 2 Yards Color: Gold. New Arrival 2 pcs taffeta Silk Wrapper. Length : 2. Show More Collapse. Add to Cart Quick view.Republic Textile Equipment brings 70 years of experience buying and selling equipment throughout the world.

We are committed to offering the most updated used textile equipment for sale in the marketplace. Our services include sales, dismantling, removal, packing and installation, including liquidation and auction for all types of textile equipment. We are happy to give technical advice to our clients and assist them with their purchasing decisions according to their needs.

Our company has participated in numerous plant liquidations over the past 7 decades and is a recognized liquidator of textile machinery proceeding from some of these plants. Our goal is to maintain and extend our prestige and recognition through excellent service in the commercialization of used textile machinery throughout the world. We are offering itemized textile equipment in various categories and lists of equipment for complete plant liquidations. Use the left panel to search for the machinery that you desire, selecting by name or category in the case of individual machines or by reviewing the lists of equipment by plant.

Republic Textile Equipment Co. Created in by executive order of President John F. Since then, we have always strived to maintain the same level of excellence in all we do.

All of it, the remnants of factories and businesses gone bust, belongs to Mike Diamond, who has spent the last 50 years making a living in an industry that, for lack of a gentler term, might be called the going-broke business.

On a recent morning, Diamond was leading a tour of his facility for a client named Gamal Omar, who had traveled to York, S. Omar owns a fabric-and-apparel-manufacturing business in 10th of Ramadan City, and like virtually everyone in the apparel business, he struggles with competition from Asia.

To remain competitive, he needs late-model textile machinery at used-car prices. And so he makes the trip to South Carolina about once each year. Diamond, 73, walked Omar around his warehouse, extolling the virtues and histories of various contraptions. Then Diamond showed him knitting equipment from a shuttered Vanity Fair lingerie factory. There was dyeing machinery from a shuttered South Carolina facility belonging to Delta Woodside, and a variety of lab equipment that tested everything from yarn strength to colorfastness.

After about an hour, they stopped at a dozen or so sewing machines. In my years studying the textile industry, executives of failed companies almost always told me that they saw the end coming. And that when it came, they needed help. The going-broke business in the textile industry is clustered around the I corridor, from Gastonia, N.

okupascp300.fun: Kente Fabric Shopping In Kumasi, Ghana

He competes by staying on top of the constantly shifting manufacturing technologies — knowing which machines will have a second life somewhere else and which ones he should sell as scrap metal. These days, he says, 95 percent of the demand is from outside the U. I sat with Diamond one morning as he chewed a cigar and leafed through a stack of about 30 printed e-mails — from Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India — and dispensed orders to his assistant about what to do with each request.As a leading textile manufacturer and fabric engineering company, Gelvenor Textiles has been an industry innovator since Our products include a variety of aeronautical textiles, industrial fabrics, protective workwear, technical apparel and high performance outdoor textile fabrics.

Over five decades of pushing the boundaries to unlock the possibilities of textile fabrics — driven by a passion for science, creativity and superior product performance — has resulted in a wide range of internationally acclaimed and trusted fabric solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Each and every one of our technically engineered fabrics is manufactured in-house, giving us complete control over the entire production process and thus a distinct advantage over other textile manufacturers. In addition, all of our fabrics are tested by the independent Advanced Textile Services ATS laboratory to ensure that all textiles produced meet internationally accredited standards.

As the first African manufacturer of aeronautical fabrics, our history is characterised by willingness to enter speciality markets where others fear to tread. Our achievements in innovative fabric solutions have shaped and influenced both the South African and international textile industries.

africa textile apparatus dealers mail

Having pioneered the manufacturing of aeronautical fabric to the African market inGelvenor Textiles has continued to innovate in this field, manufacturing high performance aeronautical textiles which are distinctly superior in quality and design. Advanced yarn technology ensures that our aeronautical textiles are durable, lightweight and boast a high tear resistance and low pack volume. These qualities have established Gelvenor Textiles as a reputable global aeronautical fabric supplier.

Having pioneered the introduction of aeronautical fabric to the African market inGelvenor Textiles has continued to innovate in this field, manufacturing high performance aeronautical textiles which are distinctly superior in quality and design. Five decades of development, production experience and technological advancement have allowed us to consistently deliver cutting edge solutions as a reputable aeronautical fabric manufacturer. When producing protective clothing, the fabric used to make up these garments is the key to ensuring the safety of the wearer.

While garment design and manufacturing standards play an important role, it is ultimately the fabric that is responsible for delivering protection. Thanks to many years of intensive research, a willingness to innovate and an extensive testing process, Gelvenor Textiles excels in developing and manufacturing fabrics with protective qualities. In our state-of-the-art factory, we are able to engineer practical material options for a large range of textile applications, including a collection of protective fabrics that offer extensive solutions to various environment and industry specific work hazards.

Republic Textile Equipment

These hazards include industrial chemicals, electrical arc, hot metal splashes, fire, ballistics and medical contamination. Gelvenor Textiles focuses on a drive for innovation in fabric production. This has resulted in many unique technologies and specially engineered raw materials which provide apparel solutions for industries such as the military, hospitality, school, sportswear, corporate and medical arenas.

Gelvenor Textiles produces a range of high performance fabrics, specially designed for creating clothing articles, accessories and protective applications to withstand a variety of outdoor climates.

Through extensive research we have assessed multiple marine, military, sports and outdoor applications to identify the performance standards required from garments and fabrics servicing these markets. Each of the fabrics developed for our outdoor range is tested extensively by the SANAS accredited independent ATS laboratory to ensure that we meet the high standards we have set for ourselves and consistently deliver quality to our customers. As a renowned innovator in fabric development and production, Gelvenor Textiles produces a range of specialised fabrics suitable for various industrial applications.

Operating out of our state of the art factory, we are committed to developing new technologies in order to provide local and international industry with unique textile solutions. We manufacture a wide range of custom engineered, precision woven synthetic fabrics produced from high tenacity polyamide, polyester, aramid, Glass or polypropylene in either multi-filament or spun fibre form.

Established over 20 years ago, the Gelvenor Textiles laboratory was restructured in to form a separate and independent business unit — the Advanced Textile Services Laboratory or ATS.Latest Collection of Holland Prints.

Bold, beautiful and unique — Empire Textiles is your one-stop shop for all your West African textile needs. We proudly provide beautifully embellished and high-quality fabrics, as well as top-class fashion products specially chosen to provide the utmost feeling of luxury and delight to the senses.

We also stock traditional West African head-ties and geles and even matching handbag and shoe sets from some of Italy's top designers which are immensely popular with our West African and Nigerian clientele. Please see FAQ's at the bottom of the page for more info.

Please click on the " wholesale " link at the top of the page to register for discounted prices. Terms and Conditions apply. Thank you for visiting Empire Textiles - the largest and most trusted West African fabric store. Message Click here to contact us. Exclusive Voile Laces. Celebrant Laces. Premium Voile Laces. Lace Special Offers. Mitex Holland Lace Wax. Mitex Stone Collection. Mitex Holland Gold Wax. Filtex Atampa Wax Prints. Mitex Holland Embellished Gold. Mitex Holland La Perla.

Alberto Maldini. Andrea Baldini. Lucia Fabiani. Bruno Giordano. Roberta Fabiani. Bianca Italy. Cerruti Roma Handbags. Elvira Morato. Enzo di Roma.

africa textile apparatus dealers mail

Evoque Made in Italy. Giorgio Rivera. Mario Biondi. Marta Fabi. Nadia Ferri. The Gold Collection.Technicians for Africa is an absolutely free online program for Africans seeking a new and exciting career as a service technician. Technicians for Africa is sponsored by Caterpillar, the global leader in construction and mining equipment.

In just months you can achieve Foundational Certification and begin an exciting journey towards a possible career as a well paid and highly valued service technician in the automotive, trucking or heavy equipment industry.

My aspiration for the next five years is to be above my present level in terms of grade level and team role. The good thing is growth, and I see myself one day helping our team and customer understand what we really represent in Mozambique. Read about Technicians for Africa success stories here.

Your Pathway to a Great Career. Learn More. Enroll in our Foundational Program. Engage with Self-Paced Online Training. Certify and Succeed! We use cookies to provide the services and features offered on our website and to improve our user experience. View our Privacy Policy for more information. Accept Privacy Policy.

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